Bloomin’ Fence Rails

Bloomin’ Fence Rails


Assorted solids & prints- 1 yd. each a total of 3 yds.

Border – ½ yd.

Binding- 1 yd.

Batting- 4 ½ yds.

Backing-   4 ½ yds.


Cutting Instructions

The assorted fabric should be cut WOF into 2 ½ inch strips.


Piecing &Sewing the Strips

Pick three colors to sew together into strip sets.  After you have sewn your strips together, press the seams open. Do this until you have all the strip sets sewn together. Press the seams to the dark side of fabric.   Next let’s cut them into blocks. Lay one out neatly and measure your strip set, it should measure 6 ½ inches wide. (If it measures different use that measurement to make your blocks) cut it 6 ½ inch long, making a square. Continue doing this to all your strip sets until you have them all cut. For this pattern you will need eighty 6 ½ inch fence rail blocks.


Assembling the Quilt

We will be sewing these blocks into rows and them sewing the rows, together. There eight blocks across and ten blocks down. Total of eighty blocks. Rotate the blocks so that one is horizonal and the next vertical. When starting the next row, start with the oppose block- vertical then horizonal.


Piecing the Border

Cut your border strips 3 inches wide. Sew two strips RST, end to end press using a ¼ seam allowance and repeat until all the strips are sewn into sets.


Your quilt should measure 53 x 65, quilt the top, batting, and back together, then add the binding.