Scrappy Swap Guidelines

My Guidelines:

  1. Anyone can sign up for the swap, not a business.
  2. There will be no businesses, no solicitations, no business solicitations, no ads of any kind.
  3. No bad language or offensive posts.  If you post offensive posts or selling items my admin will block you and you will not be allowed to reenter.
  4. Communication will be thru email.
  5. When you commit to doing a swap month, please follow thru.
  6. Be kind & courteous. Be respectful of each other, we are participating for fun, so let’s have some fun!
  7. Please send Quilt Quality Fabric.  Quilt quality fabric is 100% cotton and is tightly woven and when you hold it up to the light you will not be able to see between the thread weaves. I am sure you would like to receive nice, quality fabric so please send it.